Course Description

Three Dan Tien Chi Kung, Washing Heaven and Earth Energy Through Your Body for Clarity and Spiritual Integration

Harmonizing Your Three Main Energy Centers for Health and Spiritual Development

What does Dan Tien mean?

There are three main energy centers in the body. Dan Tien means Field of Energy, Field of Elixir. These are important 'points of focus' in meditation techniques.

You will find calm and a deeper sense of yourself:

  • When you know how to activate chi flow and circulate energy in the three major energy centers in the body called the 'Three Dan Tiens'.
  • When you balance, harmonize and raise the vibration of your three Dan Tiens.
  • When you strengthen your internal organs by washing the subtle forces of heaven and earth - yin and yang energies through your body.
"The purpose of 'Three Dan Tien Chi Kung' practice is to activate, open and harmonize these three energy centers for health and spiritual development" ~ Marie Favorito

As you practice this daily:

  • You can access plenty of energy at anytime for any activity.
  • You can recognize when rest is required.
  • You can feel clear, calm and confident throughout the day.
"This practice can help you learn to Master Your Circumstances with Clarity of Mind, Creative Confidence and Spiritual Integration." ~ Jamee Culbertson, Producer and Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor

There are 2 chapters to this course.

Chapter One, in this first video Marie will explain the qualities of the three dan tiens and show you ways to clear, open and connect all three. She will also help you to move in ways to connect to heaven and earth energies and to blend the two within your body.

Chapter Two is the 'Quiet Chapter'. In chapter two Marie will take you through the practice silently. You can choose to listen to the soothing music track or turn your speakers off in a quiet room in order to have a completely silent practice.

“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” ~ Albert Einstein

Remember to practice, that's what makes all the difference!

Director, Universal Tao Boston

Marie Favorito

Marie Favorito, Director, Boston Healing Tao and Senior Instructor, Universal Healing TaoMarie is a Senior Instructor in the Universal Healing Tao founded by GrandMaster Mantak Chia. Marie has 30+ years of teaching experience in the Tao: Tai Chi Chi Kung, (Long and Short Forms, Sword Form), numerous Chi Kung Forms and many levels of Meditation. Marie has years of experience teaching seniors at Senior Centers locally. Marie participates in Tai Chi studies with Harvard University. As well as teaching these Taoist practices Marie incorporates Chi Organ-Abdominal Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, CNT, and Chi Kung Healing in her private practice. She has taught workshops Internationally in Germany, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Mexico and throughout the USA. First Aid CPR AED Certified with the American Heart Association.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to 3 Dan Tien Chi Kung

  • 2

    Chi Kung Practice for Creativity and Love, Video

    • Chi Kung Practice for Creativity and Love with Susan McMackin RN, Video

  • 3

    Full Practice

    • Full Practice Session Video

  • 4

    Quiet Practice

    • Quiet Practice Session Video

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